GUMSHOE à la loupe

Ma vie de joueur est faite de cycles. Je renoue avec des genres que j'avais depuis longtemps mis de côté. Les jeux dits d'investigation font partie »

First Contact: X-Corps - Premières impressions

Un matin, dans ma boite aux lettres, une surprise de taille, couverture rigide, 320 pages, m'attendait. Ainsi que quelques jours de lecture et quelques heures de »

#RPGaDAY August 2014

When Autocratik , aka David F. Chapman, talked about #RPGaDAY, I felt that it would be a blast. Nostalgia, introspection, analysis and difficult choices. Here they are, »

Starting a new game

Traditionally I spend my summer vacation without really play or run any games. My summer vacation are also my gaming vacation since I stopped attending LARPs »

Don't give them a damn, but know what they did

Despite what I said some days ago, I can't sit idly right now. People should see this. People should know which crap that Zak Smith and »

Don’t give them a damn, just enjoy your games

After years of gaming and game mastering, I recently found interesting to read about RPG theories. I came across some forums, some blogs, and various sources. »

Improve my improv skills

Last week, I received a little nifty book from Engine Publishing. I say nifty a priori because their first two books about GMing, Never Unprepared and »

Why I will (likely) not buy the new version of D&D

English  Français These days, it seems that the whole world, the RPG world at least, gets mad about D&D. Well, I put »

What the hell, why there is nothing?

Two months. No posts, no words. Silence. A blank sheet. Well, there was loads of things behind the scene. Some personal. Some professional. Some related to »

Fate powered Numenera - Last news and Feedback needed

People from Monte Cook Games kindly helped me with the legal issues. Things are clearer now. Meanwhile I playtested the thing, and I'm quite happy with »